Audiology as a career

I have been an audiologist for over 29 years and have enjoyed the profession and the association with other colleagues .  Audiologists work in various settings such as: clinics, hospitals, medical centers, schools, research laboratories, and a host of others.  The role of the audiologist varies from location to location.  I have had opportunities to 1) work in hearing conservation in the US Army,  2) teach in an ENT residency program, manage a large military clinic with 19 satellite clinics, 3) evaluate hearing of newborns up to individuals who were in there 90s and patients who fell somewhere in between, 4) evaluate patients with hearing loss, balance problems, and/tinnitus,  conduct research at an Army aeromedical research laboratory, 5) direct the audiology program at one of the premier hearing clinics in the world, 6) fit hundreds of hearing aids and other devices designed to assist the hard of hearing, 7) be a spokesman in the community for hearing health related topics, 8) teach in a college setting, and 9) provide forensic services involving malpractice suits.  This is a great profession that is very rewarding.

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