Forensic Audiology

This is really an intriguing aspect of audiology.  Dr. David Lipscomb, of Correct  Service, Inc. out of Stanwood, Washington is responsible for exposing me to forensic audiology. He has been involved in testifying in court cases mostly in industrial settings where there is workers compensation case involving exposure to loud noise. Dave has been a colleague over many years and always ready to listen and encourage as well as teach. It is because of his inspiration and encouragement that I have ventured off into forensic audiology. I find this area of audiology to very intellectually stimulating. As I am expected to be an expert witness I like the challenge of trying to answer questions in a manner that lawyers, judge or jury can understand the underlying concepts.  In essence this is another teaching opportunity.  I am neither for the defendant or the plaintiff; I am looking at data and interpreting it based on my knowledge and expertise.  I look forward to being involved in forensic (a.k.a. investigative) audiology for many years.

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